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Idea #1: How Do Ideas Spread Virally?


In recent years, I’ve sensed a growing obligation to both understand and put to use my talents, abilities, and strengths.   As an “ideator”, I’ve most recently begun to identify some specific passions to connect and cultivate into ideas worth spreading – to do something explicitly with this “ideator” talent.  This passion is now translating into an interest in  studying how ideas spread virally (rampantly, like wildfire, or like a virus) and how learnings from this study can impact organizations and, more importantly, the common good.

Why the common good?  When I began to define a “career vision” a few months back, I identified a specific interest in “non-profit”.  My exploration of this interest clarified that it has less to do with a type of organization and ALL to do with having an impact for the good of others.

So what is next?

One of the ideas that I’m beginning to research, understand, and pursue is all about how ideas spread virally.  I plan to study cases of where ideas have spread rampantly (or virally) and respond to the following questions:

  • What characteristics may be common between studied cases?
  • What role do technology and social networks play in the way ideas spread?
  • Does personality type play an identifiable role?
  • What aspects of the commonalities can be purposely replicated to accelerate the spread of ideas?
  • What are the implications for organizations?
  • What are the implications for use to impact the common good?

Where I’ll need to start:

  • Search published related research.
  • Identify case studies of where ideas spread virally (examples:  “pay it forward”, wearing colored plastic bracelets like “LiveStrong”)
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