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Idea #2 – Making the Most of How You Are Wired


Knowing that you are wired a particular way and using that information to its fullest helps you to be the best you can possibly be.

It’s YOU, in BLACK and WHITE!

When you understand how you are wired and put that information to use, you will be exponentially more productive, satisfied, fulfilled, and successful.

So, why is it that some people are more inclined to pursuing “finding themselves” than others?  Why are some more willing to vocalize that they are embracing who they are than the person next door?  It’s all because of how they are wired.  So, the question is, how to we repackage this to make it more accessible or attractive to a broader audience (personality type)?  Create a compelling case for knowing thyself and then taking explicit action to put that information to use.  By doing so, you will be more engaged, productive, and ultimately successful.

The information about personality type is not new, by any means, and has been repackaged a number of times, in a number of ways, by a number of people.  It is being applied in many ways including in organizations.  Where is it not being applied today that could benefit?

A few years back, while sitting on a ski lift, my husband said to me that my parents didn’t help me figure out what I’m good at.  He was absolutely right and by saying that, I’m not assigning any kind of blame, either.  Neither of my parents was wired to do that very well – it’s not one of their strengths!  This knowledge has helped me to be much more purposeful with my own child in helping to understand her and helping her to understand herself.

If more children understood they way they were wired,

  • would we see a drop in the number of students who change their major or drop out of college?
  • would we see an increase in the number who attend college in the first place?
  • would we see an increase in the number of adults who are doing work directly related to what they studied in college?

Come join me in this study of how to repackage information about knowing your own personality (how you are wired), and put that knowledge to use.  Let’s see how we can have an impact on individuals, organizations, and broader societies!

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