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Value of Social Media


A couple of recent reads, along with my own “head-first-dive” back into the realm of social media, cause me to consider its power.  My first toe in the water was to experience FaceBook and, like many, I found it to be an exhilarating initial experience to reconnect with so many people from every different phase (and location) in my life.  The initial thrill wore off and I fell into a pattern of following and caring about a core group and casually surfing amongst the rest.  Of most value is the ability for this tool to help me “do life” a little bit more with dear friends and family who I don’t get to see or talk to nearly enough (best friends, siblings, cousins, …).

To Tweet or not to Tweet?  That is the Question!

For a long time, I didn’t understand why I would want to use Twitter.  I would say:

All I know is that if my daughter were to Tweet, I would want to follow her.

At 12, she most certainly does not…yet.

My friend and colleague Mike Brevoort made the case for me about how this tool can be a great way to engage others in ideating, connecting with SMEs / experts / people who I might not otherwise have access to, and begin to build a public brand.  Seth Godin recently offered a simple blog post with more context on the value of online friends.  DigitalTonto also posted an example of ROI of using social media.

Ok, Mike, you made the case, now here I Tweet … and blog!

With that said, I still haven’t successfully figured out how to add the “retweet” feature to my blog…HELP, anybody?

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