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FaceBook is Using Info About You, Are You?


An article in FastCompany, Why Facebook Personality Tests Are Hot with Jung-sters, tells the tale of how a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator-based personality test in FB is seen as a fun and interesting activity for youngsters. (Note the clever play-on-words used in the article title referencing Carl Jung, Swiss psychologist, whose findings serve as the foundation for the MBTI.)

It results in a huge sample size of data being used by Nottingham University student David Stillwell to study how MBTI type impacts a person’s social network an other behaviors of particular interest to marketers.

Talk about a creative use of social media to further research (and solve the sample-size problem that plagues so many researchers) and provide meaningful and useful information in the end.

This story may cause you to say,

Hey!  What are you doing with information about ME?

My response to this reaction is:

Hey!  What are YOU doing with information you know about yourself?

What do you know about yourself?

  • Do you understand your natural communication style?
  • Do you know how you re-energize?
  • Do you know your preference for closure vs. options?
  • Do you know how you feel loved or valued?
  • Have you put into order your preferences to be inquisitive vs. organize vs. create things with your hands?
  • Do you understand how you prefer to interact with others (individuals and teams)?
  • Have you noticed the activities that energize you and those that drain you?

If you did know the answers to these questions, think about how you could use this information to (see also Making the Most of How You are Wired):

  • shape the way you interact with people in your current job,
  • identify the next work you’d like to do,
  • re-shape the way you interact with your own family,
  • redefine the work you do currently,
  • and confidently step forward to something that may seem like a “leap of faith” to those around you, but makes all the sense in the world because it leverages everything you know about yourself!

Proceed boldly, my friends!

Following are just a couple of free or reasonably priced resources that can help you get started to better know yourself:
  • Keirsey Temperament Sorter:  Based on same psychological theory as MBTI – provides your type  – 15-20 minutes to complete online (FREE)
  • Go Put Your Strengths to Work by Marcus Buckingham – based on same research as StrengthsFinder (test that provides your top five talent themes), but results in information about which current activities in your life are energizing (strengths) and draining (weaknesses) and helps you to re-shape your work to spend more time living in your strengths.
  • True Colors – The book Showing Our True Colors helps you to understand the order and brightness of the four color types for you. This book helps you to understand how others might perceive you and puts words to what you’ve already known about yourself, but might not have been able to articulate.  I even used this with my 12 year-old and it was a fantastic conversation that helps her know herself and has helped to improve the way we interact with each other, too.

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