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5 Steps to Make Your Vision for a Balanced Life Possible


So many of us struggle with how to have focus in our life and how to find better balance with work and family, and other things we care about.  Following are some steps that I find works best:

Step 1: Define Your Vision

Know what you want in life (&/or what you are called to do) as a mother / wife / family member, as a professional, and as a person (we are more than just our roles of Mom, Wife, and Professional!). Listen to your heart, identify what you get excited and passionate about, talk with people who care about and know you well.  You may find that taking some assessments, doing reflection activities, or even working with a coach can help you find clarity in this step.  The key is to be confident in what you define, write it down, and keep it somewhere where you can review it often. So many people fail in this step and find themselves blown around by other forces instead of creating their own life force by defining what is important, what you want, and creating a vision of what that looks like.

Step 2: Plan

Determine how to make it possible to achieve what you want in life.  There are seasons in our lives and you may not be able to have everything that you want all at the same time. Identify options and timing and start to define a trajectory to achieve what you want over time.  Just remember that there may not be as many tomorrow’s as you hope, so live based on what is MOST important to you today and every day.

Step 3: Connect

Talk with people who have experience or connections based on your vision and the options and trajectory you defined. Yes, this is networking, and it can be such a transparent and rewarding experience, especially when it is all about following your heart / your purpose.  Be honest with people about what you are doing and INVITE them to be part of shaping your future. You just might be completely amazed by how people respond and get excited about participating.  People can tell when you are genuine and transparent and often don’t want to be involved when they feel like they are being “used”.  Being honest and transparent is so much easier when you are following your heart.

Step 4: Take Action

Your networking is a key to creating opportunities and gathering ideas for how to make your plan and vision possible.  You could get stuck in steps 1-3 VERY easily, so step 4 ends up being that much more important.  You will have to actually make changes based on your plan and the opportunities that arise.  For example: create a job that allows you to use your gifts best, create a schedule that makes it possible to balance your current life schedule, start a new business opportunity, begin an education program, etc.  Whatever it is that will help you achieve your vision, just do it.  Incremental steps are how you make your vision possible.  Taking action in small ways will help you gain the confidence you may need to make big changes down the road.  Start today with something simple!

Step 5: Stay the Course

Continue forward, watch it happen, identify when you have achieved key milestones, be open to possibilities that you didn’t consider, and ALWAYS stay grounded based on what you identify as important / what you want in life / your vision and values.  For example, I have been wanting to start scheduling an annual retreat for myself – to review, re-ground myself, and make adjustments for the year to come.  Women, especially, who seek balance have plenty of opportunities to get OFF-balance and this seems like a great way to stay on course.

  1. August 9, 2011 at 11:16 am

    Nice steps Holly! (and long time no see… we met at an innobeer some time ago). I just happened to see this via LinkedIn, I love how I never know what I’ll find where. But it can be me off track sometimes :-).

    I also saw your Word Cloud post. I recently wrote about Wordle for an company internal blog I do on innovation. Anything that helps communicate visually can really make a difference. It was interesting as that was one of my most active posts.

    • August 9, 2011 at 11:22 am

      Yes, I do remember. It has great to have multiple venues to connect and find inspiration!
      Yes, I certainly have found some great uses for Wordle. Most recently, I plugged in my entire 125 page final masters degree project and used the image as an introduction during my defense. Both my professor and my client for the project loved it!

  2. August 10, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    Holly – great article. essential points beautifully summarized.

    • August 15, 2011 at 7:47 am

      Thank you, Julie! It’s fascinating how much thought, practice, and many conversations, along with some time can simplify something that used to feel so daunting!

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