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Design Like You Give a [Care]! – 5 Steps


In a recent FastCompany blog post,  How to Design Like You Give a [Care] in 5 Easy Steps by Joe Duffy, we are presented with five major aspects of design that the designer really needs to pay attention to in order to be successful.  Following are the highlights (paraphrasing) of those five aspects from this blog post:

1. Process: Be thoughtful, vigilant and thorough to find a route to deliver a unique and meaningful expression.  Beware of  complicating process & over-analyzes. Let us litter no longer with uninspired and all together familiar designs.

2. People – working collaboratively: The team you’re a part of holds a common goal. Respect your clients and the expertise they bring.  Embrace the potential benefit of the “collective IQ” that comes with working with people of varied experience (e.g., young and old, multiple disciplines, inside and outside of a company).

Yes, because shifting perspective and being uncomfortable is important in order to look at things from different angles to seed the innovation process.  Being purposeful in involving a diverse group of people is critical, including different personality types.  When you acknowledge, appreciate, and welcome the differences, the potential is exponentially more profound than the narrow view we can see alone.

3. The “What”: Not every company, product or service is going to be [inspiring]. You will not deliver smart, creative work if you can’t find something good about the people you’re working with: why they believe in what they do, they way they do things differently or the impact they can make in their field or the world around them.

4. Impact: On a regular basis you’re making decisions about how to produce and print things. Consider your recommendations at every step of the way.  What kind of footprint will your work leave? How can you inspire people to be thoughtful about their impact as end users as well?

5. Community: You’ve heard it said “think global, act local.” It makes a difference. If you add to your community, it will attract more and you will prosper in turn.  (see Change Your City Denver)